Brisbane Cavy Cave

Brisbane Guinea Pig Boarding Service

Guinea Pig Boarding

Specialised, experienced Guinea Pig Boarding Service

If you are going away you need to ensure your guinea pigs will be properly cared for. The Brisbane Cavy Cave provides experienced, affordable, indoor short or long term guinea pig accommodation allowing you to enjoy your holiday knowing your loved pets will be well cared for.

Guinea Pigs are totally dependent on us for their welfare, quality of life and their health and should not be left unattended as they can become sick quickly and hide health issues for some time. If you require holiday care for your guinea pig/s then please contact me and I will care for your guinea pig/s at my home, for as long as necessary. All inclusive affordable rates include unlimited fresh hay, daily fruit and veges, grass, quality pellet (Cavy Origins) and chaff mix, and a spacious, clean, comfortable indoor cage. Your guinea pig will be closely monitored and very well cared for. Cuddles and lawn time provided and free nail clipping and hair trimming always available.

Contact me today to discuss boarding costs and availability and why we have so many happy guinea pigs at the Brisbane Cavy Cave.

Call Brisbane Cavy Cave on 0425 977 330 – or email your enquiry CLICK HERE

9 responses to “Guinea Pig Boarding

  1. Jess says:

    We have been boarding our guinea pigs with Miranda for over 5 years and cannot commend her highly enough for the loving care she always provided for our herd. We have boarded a range of piggies from 2 – 7 guinea pigs at a time, and they always get treated like one of her own. Loads of hay, grass and sun time and even some extra TLC for occasions when we’ve had an unwell baby. Miranda always goes the extra mile and we will always be grateful and continue to board for future holidays 😊😊

  2. Donna Lewis says:

    Miranda is so amazing and loving with the guinea pigs. I have been so happy knowing they are safe and loved when i’ve been away on holidays

  3. Leigh says:

    Looking for boarding 2 male Guinea Pigs from 11/8-20/8. Please let me know if you are available. Thank you

  4. kay Schiefelbein says:

    My boy Mink had a wonderful stay with Miranda, thank you so very much.

  5. Ali and Kim Lahey says:

    Our 2 male guinea had 8 weeks here and loved it. Miranda cared for them so well. They came back looking very chubby and extremely healthy. They will be back for sure! Thanks Miranda!

  6. Absolutely wonderful care for our ‘boys’ Theo & Peppa – they have had a wonderful time and come home tamer than ever – thank you so very much….5 star!

  7. Tina says:


    I’m interested in boarding my Guinea pigs with you. I have two females. I have to leave Brisbane tommorow and will be back on 19th this month. Can I drop them off today?


  8. Jayne Leyland says:

    Thank you so much. We not only had a great holiday but they did too, making new caveat friends along the way. Thanks so much. Kind caring people, cheap accomodation and excellent care.

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